At a  young age, I got the real taste of cooking working as a bus boy in the metro Detroit area. They had real kitchens and real chefs. For as long as I can remember food was alway apart of my life. I started my cooking career at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan and haven't stop since. What can I say I love food. My journey as a chef brought me from Michigan to Oklahoma, and now to Cailfornia.The thing I love most about food is the interaction between people. Whether that is cooking with friends or family, teaching someone to cook, or that feeling when they try your food.

I am now a private chef for NBA player Kevin Durant. Working for an athlete for 5 years I am able to take those classic comfort food dishes and put a healthy spin on them. 
I encourage you to cook in the kitchen and hope I can inspired you to be creative with food. Enjoy what you do,  do it with passion and always season with love.