Chef Ryan Lopez of chefrl.com, is re-inventing the art of cooking. The food is a way to tell his story and it changes with each new chapter of his life. Recently settling down in the San Fransisco Bay area is another new opportunity for this private chef.

 When it comes to food it is taking multiply aspect of different cultures and fuses them to make your beautiful and delicious dish. Chef Ryan loves to get people together and have that interaction through food, whether that is collaborating with other chefs or having a group that he teaches his fine culinary skills to. 

Chef Ryan was born and raise in Westland, Michigan. This is where the art of cooking set root. At a young age he was always in the kitchen.Chef Ryan graduated from Schoolcraft College with his A.S. in Culinary Art. He is now Kevin Durant's private chef, for the past 5 years. 


Few words from the Chef

What can I say I love food. My journey as a chef brought me from Michigan to Oklahoma and now to Cailfornia. and who knows where else.The thing I love most about food is the interaction between people. Whether that is cooking with friends or family, teaching someone to cook, or that feeling when they try your food.

I am now a private chef for NBA player Kevin Durant. Working for an athlete for 5 years I am able to take those classic comfort food dishes and put a healthy spin on them. 
I encourage you to cook in the kitchen and hope I can inspired you to be creative with food. Enjoy what you do,  do it with passion and always season with love.