Our Food Venture this week was at OSU OKC Farmers Market. We explored the fresh, and the local. You can find this only on Wednesday and Saturday, for the others days this place stay hidden. 

They have everything from honey to produce, eggs to soap. Oh and they also have the best cinnabuns in the back. SO GOOD! Pretty much any thing you could think of, they have as long as it's local. 

When you go, make sure you bring a bag with you, especially if your planing on taking a lot home, like us. As you can see in the photos Chef Ryan was on a mission, and got all fresh ingredient for a food prep client. We shopped mostly at Crows Main Fruit Market, Chef Ryan keeps coming back and they were really busy. So they must be doing something right. Love what they are doing and their great produce.

Check your closest Farmers Market and help your local farmers out. `