Vegetarian Friendly 


Summer’s whisper is becoming louder and local farmer markets are in full swing.  Recently Chef Ryan visited and forage at Crows Main Fruit Market. Please check out their facebook page for more information.  

Health is important and that is number one when it comes to what Chef Ryan brings to the table. We should look at the ingredients we are using in our food.


Are they healthy?




There is a drastic difference when it comes to fruits and veggies. I have never enjoyed cauliflower as much I did with this recipe. It was flavorful, almost meaty. It is sweeter, "made sweet by the soil it sprouted from," says Crows Main Fruit Market tour guide. Thanks Claudia Crow!


This dish is prefect for vegetarians that miss the flavors of meat or the people that are trying to go down the path towards becoming a vegetarian.


Asian flavors spill out from this savory umami dish. Let make it!!!


 If you would prefer to make this with meat we did it and recommend using fresh sea bass. The cauliflower is meaty enough the fish cuts and gives it a nice break with its lite texture, which compliments the impact of the salty orange flavors. Check out the this link for the Sea Bass Recipe to steal cooking secrets from Chef Ryan. 

Look forward to future recipes with local fresh ingredient coming soon! Sit back and let us be Your Other Taste Bud. Once your done trying our recipe tag us at #YourOtherTasteBud so we can see your skills! 



1 bulb of cauliflower

1/2 cup of scallions 

1 Tb of miso paste 

2T of butter 

1/2 orange zest  

3 T lemon juice 

Toasted sesame seeds 







Cut cauliflower into florets boil for 3 mins . Strain cauliflower and transfer to medium high sauté pan with 1T of butter and miso paste. Cook until Golden brown 5-6 mins . Add Orange zest ,scallions, lemon juice , S&P . Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on top for garish .