2310 N Western Ave, OKC, OK 73106

Sandwich spot, check!



There is nothing better than ‘the classics’ especially when it comes to sandwiches, and up here they are keeping them classy. This deli and Bakery provides friendly fast service, fresh beard and homemade pastries. There is no place like Someplace Else, established in 1976, this deli had been catering to the okie community for almost forty year, in august will be their anniversary.


This is what I call roots of the city, Sometime you just need to look around, even when you lived there for ages or just recently moved somewhere fun, new, and fresh. Just keep your eyes plied. For there are roots everywhere. Roots are hidden underground and take years to spread. The food roots are the places that have been there before the city growth and are still here today. They must be doing something right and that is their sandwich selection. Ranging from Reubens to BLT with a little extra creamy flavor.  Give it a taste.


Check out their hoagie, you can get it hot or cold (I recommend hot). With its thinly sliced ham, crisps tomato, cheese and the shaved banana pepper for a little extra kick, it was recommended to me and I’m telling you, you got to try it. Don’t forget about dessert, a cinnamon sugar snicker doodle cookie, grandma knows best and always has a sweet at the end of any delicious meal. The snicker doodle is done right with the addition of almond exact and amaretto, soft but chewy goodness center that warm that part of you that only cookies can awake.


When entering this little shop, no matter where you are from, whether you’re a long time okie or just passes through, this little gem bring you back to your hometown that you grew up.  Its charm and old school feel are capture in all four corner of this place.


For all those college kids down the street at OKC University, this is prefect. Keeps the homesick at bay and is inexpensive.          


We shared a little bit about our roots; now try to explore some of the older roots near you. Share you own food venture with us at #YouOtherTasteBud 

Sit back relax and let us me your other taste bud.


If you would like to give Someplace Else A Deli & Bakery a taste, their phone number is (405) 524-0887, and they are located at 2310 N Western Ave, OKC, OK 73106



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