Fall has made itself known. Here in Oakland we have had some rainy and coudy couple of days. It got us thinking about everything Fall. We know it not yet Halloween but we are looking forward to Thanksgiving.

There are always pumpkins, yams, and sweet potatoes dish that are ruling the sides. Don't follow the crowd and stand out. This year use Butternut Squash its a little bit healthier for you but still has that Fall flavor that is a must for Thanksgiving.

We did it right and adding some fun topping, check the full recipe below to bring this to your table this November.

Ingredients -Serves 4 

2 Butternut squash 

4oz butter

1/3 cup milk 

1Tb salt 

1/2Tsp pepper 

1/2 T cinnamon 

1 sprig of sage (minced) 

2Tb brown sugar 


Method: Preheat oven to 375 degrees . Cut butternut squash in half and remove seeds with a spoon. Place on baking sheet and place into the lower rack in the oven. 

Bake for 45-50mins or until a tender . 


Remove flesh from squash be careful to not breakthrough the skin . We want to use the skin to plate the mash in . 

Add the Butternut squash and the rest of the ingrentients above and to a pot and cook on low for 5-10mins.

Popcorn topping

Kettle corn 

4Tb of cinnamon 

1cup of Sugar 

Method : Mix sugar and cinnamon and toss with popcorn 

Guinness Glaze 

1 bottle (16oz) 

1cup sugar 

Method: Add beer and sugar to a medium sauce sauce pot . Cook on medium heat to 25-30 mins to until beer has reduced to a syrup. 


1/2 cup dried cranberries 

1/3 cup pumpkin seeds 

2Tb Sesame seeds 

1/2Tbs salt 

1Tbs cinnamon. 

Mix together .